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3D House Printing Is Here

3D House Printing Is Here

Dan 1 Dec
Home Printed In 3D

Houses Would Be Built Out Of Giant Printers

A change in the building industry is looming, according to technology experts.  Soon homes and complete neighbourhoods will be manufactured by giant 3D Printers.  It is likely that assembling the homes would still be done manually, but major components of the building would be 3D printed.

This is not science fiction or a futuristic technology; here you can see a company in China that is already building homes and apartments with the help of a giant 3D printer using cement mixed with a wide range of recycled materials and construction waste.

Houses “Delivered” As Complete Package In Days


They currently 3D print the walls, structure and base, however it’ll only be a matter of time before they start printing windows, furniture and roofs too. House Buyers would be able to choose a house design and have it printed out in a matter of weeks or even days. This game charger technology will make housing more affordable than ever before.


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