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Selling A House Before Or After Renovation?

Selling A House Before Or After Renovation?

Dan 16 Feb
Selling a House

To Renovate Or Not To Renovate When Selling A House

We are often asked by House Sellers if they should renovate their home prior to Selling a House and putting it on the market or to leave it ‘as-is’.

In most cases, if Best Home Buyers are purchasing the property, we ask the Sellers to leave it in an ‘as-is’ condition, this gives us the opportunity to handle the repairs ourselves and to use our own team of trusted tradesmen.

The Best Home Buyers team has vast experience with home renovation and can carry out repairs at a more cost effective way than most people.

We have a network of professional tradesmen we work with on a regular basis, these include Plumbers, Builders, Electricians and Painters to name a few. Best Home Buyers love ugly, tired or damaged properties where we can add value such as renovating by adding another room, a new kitchen, a new bathroom, or in the simpler cases, a plain yet quality paint job.


Selling a House? 5 Things to consider before making the decision to renovate or not:


  • Timeframe & Inconvenience: The idea of starting a renovation project can be exciting, but often underestimated. You need to take into account the timeframe and what affect the disruption will have on you and your family whilst living in the property at the same time. Most renovation projects, especially DIY take much longer to complete and inevitably cost more.


  • Would It Add Value?: There is often a perception that painting the walls, replacing the shower or fixing all the little things you never got around to, will increase the value of the house. These are common misconceptions, and often the cost of these small renovations add the same value, as if it were a big item project such as adding a bedroom or increasing the floor area or footprint of the property. Needless to say, the larger scale renovations take longer and inevitably cost more.


  • Finding A Reliable Contractor: This is the most important key for a successful non-DYI renovation project. A professional contractor will achieve a better quality end result, on time and on budget. A good contractor will be easy to communicate with and should go the extra mile towards achieving the best possible outcome, without cutting corners.

Not Getting Stressed And Staying Safe

  • Keeping On Top Of Tradesmen: If you choose to mange the project yourself, it is crucial for you to be super organized, with a clear schedule of which step of the project should be done at any point in time. You will need to coordinate all tradesmen and make sure they work together and are responsible for their own part of the job. Tradesmen hate arriving to a job to find that the previous professional didn’t do his part correctly. This will often lead to unnecessary stress and arguments, not only for them, but for you too.


  • Safety And Security: Within the project timeframe you will have people passing in and out of your property from suppliers dropping off materials, to contractors trying to do their job. It is important to keep the right third party liability insurance in place and at the same time have the house properly insured to cover any damage or potential theft.

Does this sound too much already? You bet!

Renovating a house could be fun if you know what you are doing, but could be a nightmare or a money pit for the unprofessional.

If you are considering selling your property but are unsure whether to renovate or not before selling, you can contact the Best Home Buyers Team for a free consultation.

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