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Auckland House Prices Near The Top

Dan 1Apr

Bored with the Pricey Auckland House Prices? Here’s your Ultimate Alternative

With like the dreaded Auckland Property Bubble seemingly popping, described by the slowing housing market, perhaps it is about time you consider the best possible alternative. Auckland House Prices continue to dip with sales typical of the recession periods taking over the mainstream amid the continued calls for a permanent measure. Will the correction in prices of houses in Auckland last? (more…)

Auction Might Not Be The Safest Way to Sell House in Auckland

Dan 1Mar
Selling House at Auction

Selling A House? Auctions Falling Out Of Favor

The property market in Auckland seems to be slowing down, although Auckland’s largest real estate cleared 49 units at Auction in one week. However, even with such impressive statistics, selling property through auctions might not be the best alternative for most owners.

Selling A House Before Or After Renovation?

Dan 16Feb
Selling a House

To Renovate Or Not To Renovate When Selling A House

We are often asked by House Sellers if they should renovate their home prior to Selling a House and putting it on the market or to leave it ‘as-is’.

In most cases, if Best Home Buyers are purchasing the property, we ask the Sellers to leave it in an ‘as-is’ condition, this gives us the opportunity to handle the repairs ourselves and to use our own team of trusted tradesmen.

Tips For Private HomeSell

Dan 3Jan

9 Tips On How To Make Your House Sell Ready 

You may have gone through the basics of preparation before selling a house – fixing what is not working, staging the rooms and de-cluttering the house. However, you may still find client falling out of the home.

Here are simple tips to make them fall in love with the house at the first glance, Private HomeSell made easy!

3D House Printing Is Here

Dan 1Dec
Home Printed In 3D

Houses Would Be Built Out Of Giant Printers

A change in the building industry is looming, according to technology experts.  Soon homes and complete neighbourhoods will be manufactured by giant 3D Printers.  It is likely that assembling the homes would still be done manually, but major components of the building would be 3D printed.

Would Auckland Land Value Fall? – Build Now or Expect the Worst

Dan 14Nov

Well, the die has been cast, and as it stands, land and housing value in Auckland will stumble in the foreseeable future, despite the bliss right now, according to the industry’s insiders.

There’s a looming risk of Auckland Home Value dropping by as big as 25%.

Particularly in those regions outside Auckland. And, while the expected slump is less likely to happen in 2016 perhaps because of the rising prices, the risk will inevitably come true in December of 2017 and beyond.

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