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How To Sell House Privately

How To Sell House Privately

Guide to selling your house privately

These are our recommended steps for selling your property privately

As a person who is seeking to sell your house privately, you need to be well informed before, during and after the whole house selling process. You should be able to have control over the entire sales process and you should be willing to deal with the potential buyers on direct contact. By law, one can only sell his or her house but not somebody else’s since this would need a license as a salesperson or as a retail estate agent.

  • Preparation for sale

The house to be sold must be in good condition. This can either be done by yourself or through hiring a professional who can do just that. House improvements that can be cheaper but high impact have the potential of shooting up the value of your property. These can include polishing and washing floors, cleaning windows, repairing some fitments like taps, bulbs, door handles and other appliances.

  • Choosing sales price and sales methods

In setting the price, you have to decide on which fixtures you’ll leave with the property. This can include the dishwasher, curtains, light fixtures and carpeting.

Next is to consider your price and the current market price. Two types of valuation to your property include rateable valuation and registered valuation. The latter valuation is more recommended than the former because it’s a more accurate reflection of the current market rates.

Sales methods include tenders by negotiations and auctions. For private selling, an asking price that is usually set slightly higher to make room for negotiations is considered the best to sell.


save on commssion

  • Marketing

By deciding to sell privately, you will be in a better position to show it off to the neighborhood since you have the first hand information about it. This can also be achieved by taking excellent photos of the property and advertising on real estate websites at a fee. A description of the property should accompany the photos. If you plan on showing potential buyers the property, you should make sure that the garden is at its best and the house is inviting, light, warm and dry.


  • Getting legal help

Involving a solicitor or lawyer early in the process is important to ensure everything goes on well. Getting solicitor who is experienced in conveyancing is recommended. Your solicitor will manage and provide guidance on any relevant legal issue, deal with the purchase and sale agreement, communicate with the buyer’s lawyer, manage the entire process and also send a notice to the local authority.

  • Negotiations

In the negotiations, you can use the solicitor if you don’t have confidence of dealing with the buyer directly. Any changes to the settled price will be noted on the sales and purchase agreement. This document will include information on the date, the deposit and when it should be paid and any chattels that are included in the sale. Moreover, most house offers will be based on conditions which the buyer must satisfy before the deadline.

  • Involving an Private House Buyers Company

If you choose the option of selling to a private House Buyers Company like WeBuyProperty.co.nz , it’s important to choose one whom you’ll be comfortable dealing with. Always do some research by enquiring from friends, workmates, seek to read client testimonials and customer reviews. Private House Buyers are often cash buyers and can provide sellers with the opportunity of selling their house quickly with no hassle. No commission or marketing fees to the seller. As private house buyers besthome.org.nz can offer a rent back option, leave when you are ready and flexible terms.


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