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Why Private House Sell

Why Private House Sell

Private House Sell And How It Works

Selling a house privately comes with very many benefits to the seller. Instead of hiring a real estate agent to handle the sale of your home, it is now possible to easily and efficiently market the residence on the web.

For the home owner, you get to enjoy the following benefits.

You Get To Save Money

Many people choose to privately market their residences because it provides them with a chance to make some significant savings on the closing costs.

Real estate agents typically charge a commission and marketing fees, these are known as Real Estate Fees, Agents Fees, Real Estate Commission. In New Zealand the Commissions are typically between 2.5% – 4% of the home’s selling price + Goods And Service Tax of 15%.      So for instance, if a home is worth $400,000, the commission earned by the agent will amount to between $15,928+ GST and $17,238+ GST    If a Property is sold for $750,000 then the commission will be an average of $25,000+ GST.

More information about Real Estate Agents Commission could be find here on the Real Estate Agents Authority website.

For a home owner or Investor that does not have a lot of equity in the Property the amount earned as commission by the realtor can be of great concern.

Choosing to privately market your home on the other hand will only cost you a fraction of the amount paid to the realtor. Most marketing websites will charge you between $250 and $380 so as to market the residence for you. You may also find some that will do the marketing free of charge.

Broad Exposure for the House on the Web

According to a recent study in New Zealand, it was established that close to three quarters of all people looking to buy a house now conduct their search on the web.

Given that more and more people are using the internet to search for residences, it makes sense to try and get as much exposure for your residence as possible. You can achieve this by choosing to market your house on the web.

By working with a private sale website, you will be getting the opportunity to market your home to millions of potential property buyers both in the country as well as abroad, hence increasing your chances of finding a buyer as soon as possible.

You Get More Control over the Sale Process

When working with a real estate agent, you are never sure whether the agent will be proactive in marketing the residence to potential buyers.

Opting to personally market the residence allows you to maintain control of the entire transaction. Based on the marketing efforts that you have applied, you will know how many viewings the house has had since it was put up for sale, as well as the kind of interest it has generated among the buyers.

Though it may result in you having to perform more work, with private house sell you will not need to hassle your realtor every week for information on what he or she is doing to make sure that your home is bought as soon as possible.

As a buyer, you also stand to benefit from purchasing a house that is being sold privately. You will for instance have direct access to the person who owns that residence. The owner has all the information regarding the residence such as its repair history, upgrades that have been carried out in the past and areas or rooms that are of interest in the residence.

Real estate agents may not always be ready to answer the queries and questions that you have since they do not have ready information and facts. An estate agent may not be able to inform you on what has been included in the offer, as well as the kind of heating bills that you will pay in the cold months of December and January.

Private House Sell

Selling to a Private House Buyers

WeBuyProperty is private house buyers specialising in buying Properties in New Zealand for over a decade. With us, you can sell your House Privately and pay No Commission or Marketing Fees. We can provide you with quick property sale or long settlement so you have enough time to get organized and fined a new home.

As cash house buyers we can purchase in cash and close quickly with No Hassle or Open Homes. With us, you don’t need to repair anything and we can buy the property as is.

The Process

  1. Simply contact us by submitting your Property Details using the form on the right.
  2. Our acquisition team will review the information and get back to you within 24 hours to discuss your needs or to ask few more questions.
  3. We will discuss you needs and what would be the best outcome for you.
  4. We will present you with an offer for you to consider.
  5. Once we agree on price and terms deposit will be paid and settlement will follow.


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