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Zero Real Estate Fees

Zero Real Estate Fees

Save  $25,000 in Commission and Marketing Fees on average house

Many property owners have at one time or the other pondered on selling their house privately without enlisting the services of different professionals who may be well versed on different aspects related to the buying and selling of property. While some services that require money to enlist like real estate agents and online websites can be done away with, some crucial services like the hiring of a lawyer who will take you through the legally binding stage is inevitable.

The option of zero real estate fees is somehow possible but it is not as easy a process as many prospective property sellers would like to think. In selling a house, there are several services that sellers need to consult before they think of a zero real estate house selling

  • Traditional real estate agents charge Real Estate Fees

Many people who aspire to sell houses often question the exorbitant commissions that are paid to estate agents. Because of this, many opt to avoid their services. Estate agents, by defending themselves against this, always argue that house selling is only a small fraction of what they offer. They also argue that home owners lack a price negotiation skill they always think they have but in reality they don’t have. Though the accusations against agents are many, countless benefits exist in enlisting their services. This includes provision of a variety of services, good security that they offer and the knowledge they have concerning the buying and selling of properties.


Zero Real Estate Fees

  • Advertising

Different modes of advertising are available when selling a house. One alternative is by using an online estate agency. These estate agencies usually have a wider reach hence can attract a larger number of potential buyers.

However, as a private seller wanting to save on Real Estate agent’s commission and marketing fees, you should ask yourself whether anyone looking for property in your locality will be able to find it on internet sources. An alternative to this is to distribute flyers in neighbors’ letterboxes, making some advertisements in local papers and even preparing brochures with photographs of the property for sale.

You can also peruse the sections of the newspapers with real estate advertisements and consequently apply this to your own house. Who knows, even word of mouth can be efficient advertising in your resolve to maintain a zero real estate fees sell. This can be achieved through the “tell a friend to tell a friend” method.

Additionally, advertising can involve putting a sign on the ground near the house with a “for sale” notice.

Contacting private property buyers like http://www.WeBuyProperty.co.nz is another good options.

Our company can provide you with the following solutions:

  • Free market appraisal of your property with no obligation to sell.
  • Fair price offer for your property.
  • With us, No Repairs are needed, we like to buy houses as is.
  • No commission or Marketing fee – Save thousands!
  • Flexible terms: Fast settlement or you can stay to rent until you are ready.
  • Confident that we can financially complete the purchase.
  • We have 100% Satisfaction & 5 Starts Customers reviews.


  • Legal requirements

For any house owner who has the desire to sell privately with zero real estate fees, the issue arises on the enlistment of a lawyer to undertake the legal process of transfer of ownership. For a legally binding document to be in effect, a legal professional must be hired so that he/she can take the buyer and the seller through this process.

Legal limitations also apply on websites which act as real estate agents and whose services are sought through online means. Many of the private websites are usually relieved of certain obligations normally placed on traditional estate agents especially when the law comes to later define that an estate agent is to be changed an example being when the time to visit the property on sale reaches.

As an owner of a house with the prospects of selling privately with zero real estate fees, nothing is worse than having your property just idling as the offers get fewer and the marketing costs get higher. Many people are now opting to take control and sell their houses privately. However, while selling a house privately can seem a straightforward decision, it is actually a frustrating and time consuming process.

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