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No Commission House Selling

Many homeowners who are seeking to sell their houses are avoiding the exorbitant charges paid as commission to real estate agents by selling to private House Buyers. Many sellers have resorted to avoid the services of these agents and have become more inclined to a “do it yourself” method. As a prospective seller and who has been wondering how to go about all this, here are several steps that you can follow.

  • Make your house sellable to private House Buyers

In doing it yourself, you should aspire to make the process as swift as possible. This basically means that you should make the house you are selling as attractive as it can be seen by the buyer. This may mean doing some little renovations on damaged sections of the house, doing some paint jobs on walls and removing unnecessary clutter. Any negative detraction that may dent the aesthetic look of the house should be eliminated. Emphasis should also be given to the kitchen and bathrooms since they are the main aspects of a house that increase the sell ability.

Additionally, renovations take a lot of time and this will mean that you will have to put up with the hecticness and mess around you. However, if you sell your house to a private house buyer like the team at besthome.org.nz , you will not have to go through all this stress

  • Price setting

The next thing is the price. An agent is best suited for this part but since this is a “do it yourself thing” it doesn’t mean that you can’t do it better. Since some agents are fond of inflating house valuations to just get the listing or to “buy the listing” as it is known in the industry, you as the seller should do your own research on multiple online sites that provide useful tools on evaluation of nearby properties that you can compare with. You can also look at a history of sold prices though not previous expensive listings that could have stayed a lot without attracting a potential buyer.

Additionally, you can contact our team for free appraisal of your house by filling the contact form on this website. We will contact you within 24 hours to arrange viewing of your property.

  • Describe your property

After setting your price, the next thing is to display it to the buyer with a little description about it. A few enticing sentences that will provide some details about the house are usually recommended. The seller should stick to the point in providing a concise and brief explanation that would catch the eye of the prospective house buyers.



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  • Taking photos

Nothing is more eye-catching than good photo imagery of the property. Images used should be specific to the property. In cases of a rural house, shots should show the House, the available land and the different views of the house. In the case of an urban property, shots should show the fittings and fixtures that may interest an urban housing buyer with the communal areas shown best with views at the most appealing angles. With this, you can hire a professional photographer who can take good shots.


  • Property listing

This can involve enlisting the services of an online agent that can advertise your home on all major forums at fee. You can also advertise on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter which can help you reach an even wider audience. Though advertising this way is great, you shouldn’t overlook traditional ways like advertising on the local paper.

  • Arranging viewing for House Buyers

In avoiding estate agents who would have come to assist at this crucial stage, you can ask the assistance of friends and relatives to show potential buyers around the house if you won’t be available.

  • Price negotiations

You should always decide on what you are going to accept for your house and avoid the urge of accepting a price which may be less than the worth of the house.

  • Accepting an offer

Accepting an offer can be done either verbally, via post or e-mail. However, a legally binding contract is when you finally instruct a solicitor to sort out the legal work. Renegotiations may also happen even after the selling.

While you may want to have a commission-free house selling, there are still many benefits of using a Solicitor who is an experience Real Estate Lawyer who can assist with reviewing the Sale & Purchase agreement and making sure that the contract is structured correctly.

It is important not to forget about the fundamentals of having a smooth transaction, the team at besthome.org.nz is here to help and will answer all your questions.

So, If you are considering selling your House or Investment Property contact the team at www.WeBuyProperty.co.nz today for free, no obligation consultation.



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